I have seen a dramatic change in the role of women during my lifetime. My mother and women of her generation were primarily homemakers, mothers and tenders of the family. That certainly was the model in the 1950’s and didn’t really start to change until the early 1960’s when feminist writers broke on to the scene to shatter the status quo. One such person was Betty Friedan whose 1963 book The Feminine Mystique described the unhappy lives of women caught in the stereotypical roles of the times. Her book rocked society and began changes that continue today. Betty Friedan went on to be a leader in the women’s movement. She was a founder of the National Organization of Women and wrote her last book in 1993 entitled, “The Fountain of Aging.” She fought for women’s choice to live the type of full, satisfying lives that had been reserved strictly for men. She fought for the Equal Rights Amendment, and was a convener of the Nation Women’s Political Caucus. Betty Friedan died last month at the age of 85. We can all learn something from Betty Friedan. A popular and true expression says, “Change is inevitable; growth is optional.” There have been many changes in the role of women in the last fifty years. We have the choice to fight changes or turn them into opportunities for growth. Today is also the beginning of Foreign Language Week. There is no better way to turn change into growth than by learning another language. I hope you’ll choose to fight for positive change and grow with the changes.