7 06, 2020

Can You Be Counted On?


Are you a person who can be counted on? Is your answer, yes, no or sometimes? It’s a really important quality to be reliable, to be able to be counted on. It means that if your friends are asked what kind of person you are, they’ll be able to say something positive. Write down a description of yourself.

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7 06, 2020

Honesty Mirror


Last time I talked about self respect and respect for other people. Our ability to get along with others depends on our ability to get along with ourselves. One of the key ingredients in that process is honesty.

Honesty Mirror2020-06-07T19:52:33+00:00
29 05, 2020

Playing Fair


The discussion continues everywhere you look. Is it better to win or is it more important to play fair, win or lose?

Playing Fair2020-05-29T19:57:32+00:00
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