7 06, 2020

Pooh Reading Value


Welcome back. I like three day weekends. This one was especially nice for me because I got to visit my 11 week old granddaughter Sidney. It’s nice to be surrounded by baby things. On my way home I heard a story on NPR that said yesterday marked the 80th anniversary of the book, “House at Pooh Corner,” by A. A. Milne.

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7 06, 2020

Spring Fever


Spring fever has officially set in at Churchville-Chili Junior High School. That has both its good and its bad sides. The good is that people generally have more energy in the spring; more daylight seems to transform into higher moods. The bad news is all of the above—more energy and higher moods.

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7 06, 2020

Thanksgiving Words


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a holiday which seems uniquely American with its history of Pilgrims, Indians and Plymouth Rock. The history that we will celebrate tomorrow is our own, but the need to be grateful and to express our thanks is as human as it gets.

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