20 10, 2021

Team Sports


There is something incredibly healthy about being part of a team.  A player is not on the court for her own glory, she is there to help the team succeed.  This is a model that carries over into other facets of life.  We are responsible for how our actions affect those around us...

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30 08, 2020

Foreign Language


I have had many students ask me the same question over the years: “Why do we have to take a foreign language?” Said a different way, they ask, “Why doesn’t everyone just learn English?” My answer is always the same: “Je ne comprends pas,” or, “no comprendo,” or “Ich verstehe nicht.”

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30 08, 2020

Forgiveness (D&C)


I read a very interesting and moving article in Saturday’s Democrat and Chronicle. It was on the front page and told the story of a man and a woman, he 51, she 48, who had not had any contact in nearly 34 years.

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22 08, 2020



I remember when I was the age of my students, my father’s parents came to live with us for a period of time. I remember asking my grandfather how he was doing. He used to say to me, “I’ve got my health and when you’ve got your health you’ve got just about everything.”

7 06, 2020

Inevitable Things


There are a few things in life that are inevitable: getting older, getting a job and conflict. Sorry to say, there is no way to avoid conflict. Just when you think things are on an even track, someone will get in your face and bang…conflict.

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7 06, 2020

Thanksgiving Gratitude


Because of Thanksgiving on Thursday, this is the shortest school week of the year. That, in and of itself, is something to be thankful for, but all of us have a lot more serious things we can be grateful for.

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7 06, 2020

Quirky Families


Welcome back from the Thanksgiving Holiday. I hope you ate too much, slept too long and did less work than you planned. If you did, you had a successful break in my book. For me, Thanksgiving always brings back memories of family.

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7 06, 2020



As we turn the corner towards winter, only a week away, it’s a good time to look at what we’re doing here. Sometimes we feel like we’re putting in time until the next vacation, just two weeks away. Other times we are highly motivated either by an exciting project or the prospect of an upcoming exam.

7 06, 2020

Help Quiz – Words of Advice


I’m going to start off my words today with a multiple choice quiz. Think carefully about your own behavior before you answer. First Question—When you have a difficult problem in your life you are most likely to a) keep it to yourself and try to solve it on your own, b) ask a friend for advice on how to solve the problem, or c) ask your parent or sibling for help.

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7 06, 2020

Check in The Mirror


I heard a good piece of advice the other day. A friend told me, “If you run into three jerks before nine o’clock, check the mirror.” Now, I know there are all sorts of people looking at each other and saying, “{Mr. Nixon has finally lost it.” That may be true, but I stand by my original message: “If you run into three jerks before nine o’clock, check the mirror.”

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