7 06, 2020



Do you ever have trouble making decisions? Do you decide to do something one way only to have a friend tell you it’s a dumb idea? Join the club of wafflers. In the political world, being a waffler is considered a very bad thing.

7 06, 2020

Handling Anger


When is the last time you were really angry? Can you remember what it felt like I can. My heart rate picked up. My temperature rose. I felt incredibly focused on doing harm to the person I was mad at. Anger is a really strong emotion, but the thing we forget sometimes is that it goes away, in most cases, almost as quickly as it comes.

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7 06, 2020

13 going on 30


It’s nice to have a three day week to start out the school year because the change in schedule from summer takes some adjustment. By next weekend, you’ll probably feel like you’ve been back in school forever.

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