18 05, 2020

Dedication to Brian Scipioni


On December 13, 2002, an eighth grade student at Churchville-Chili Middle School, Brian Scipioni, died unexpectedly of meningitis.  I was asked to prepare and read to an emergency staff meeting, and minutes later to the school community, a message of condolence and hope.  The message I put together began a nearly nine year record of twice-weekly “Words of Wisdom,” which I wrote and delivered to our school community.  Many of my messages are assembled on this website as well

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14 05, 2020

Miracle Worker


My words today are a sandwich really. Yesterday’s Women’s History Month Quiz answer is half the sandwich. Tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day Irish tradition is the other half. The two people I’m talking about spent many years together and have had many moving words written and performed about their lives.

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