7 06, 2020



Susan B. Anthony once said, “If one of us is not equal, none of us is free.” Her statement reflects two things I believe in completely. First, that we are all connected and second that only if we are equal are we truly free to be whom we strive to be.

7 06, 2020

Black History Month 2


I spoke on Friday about the belief by African-American leaders in the importance of education.

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7 06, 2020

King’s Words


There’s no school on Monday, and the first reaction is to wake up at the normal time, cheer, roll over and go back to sleep. That sounds good time, too, but before you do that realize what Monday is all about. It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day and it honors one of the truly remarkable leaders in American history.

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16 05, 2020

Black History Month


Today is the first day of February which means it’s the first day of Black History Month. It began in 1976 to commemorate the achievements of African-Americans down through history, but it also provides a door which can open between the races, to begin the dialogue on what unites all of us and what provides our unique heritages.

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