30 08, 2020

Feed The Wolf


The inauguration of President Obama has been dominating news coverage and rightfully so. It represents an historic milestone for our country. I was watching coverage of the morning after prayer service.

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30 08, 2020



As middle school students you are beginning the most important battle of your life, a battle that will literally last for the rest of your life. You should not expect to fight the battle perfectly, but you need to spot when you’re off the trail and get back on.

22 08, 2020

Self Esteem


One of the most popular words in education and in psychology is self-esteem. Sometimes I hesitate to use it because it is used so often. But, the truth is that self esteem is the most important goal we can have for ourselves, our friends and our family members.

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27 04, 2020

Fat Kid | Sample Wisdom


I read a book a couple years back aimed at young adults.  It carried some big time lessons.  The book is called, “Fat Kid Rules the World,” by K. L. Going.  It’s about a 17 year-old boy named Troy Billings who weighs in at a hefty 298 pounds.  He is large and unhappy and is considering suicide at the beginning of the book.

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