I’m afraid I come by this characteristic quite naturally. First, I’m a man and second I had a father as a role model who was a champion at this shortcoming. I hate to ask for help. In its most simple, harmless form, it might cost me a few extra minutes because I don’t want to stop and ask for help. The GPS was invented for people like. In its more extreme forms, not asking for help can be very troublesome and can turn a small problem into a major catastrophe. I’ve been out the last couple of weeks due to an infection. Some of the time was in a hospital, but the majority was at home, by myself. For me, losing the social exchange of being at school, talking to students and colleagues, was very difficult. Each day was worse than the one before until I got so desperate that I picked up the 500 pound phone and asked for help. My friends responded quickly and blessedly and the crisis passed. My message to you is this: You all have friends, networks of people who would love to help you, but sometimes you have to ask them. None of them are mind readers, but many of them will be there for you when times are tough. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.