One of the toughest things about our current situation is that we are out of our routine of seeing our friends many times every day. That isolation can lead to loneliness or hopelessness. As the Reverend Valerie Austin writes in her poem, “The Cover of Night,”

“Under the cover of night I write, Alone; wrestling in shadows and through the darkness; tripping over many unseen messes; Confused, disoriented, and tempted to feel hopeless.”

But there is a strategy to counteract this loneliness. Its involves reaching out and getting and staying in touch with your friends. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible anytime to punch up FaceTime or Skype or Zoom to talk with one or many friends at the same time. Or, if you only have access to a phone, I urge you to use it soon and often. Make sure it’s all right with your parents, but these face-to-face services are largely free. I had three contacts yesterday alone that provided me with more than two hours of face to face time with my friends. At the end of the day, I felt remarkably better.

We are essentially social beings. It’s in our DNA. We need contact with the people that are important to us. Rev. Austin says this in her poem,

“Yet together in this we are; Together we will be; Can you feel my presence? I’m just next door. And I surely feel yours.”
You may feel alone, but you’re not. You may feel isolated, but you don’t have to be.
Reach out to a friend or many friends that may be feeling as lonely as you are. You’ll feel better right away and so will they.