Words of Wisdom, 11/27/06

I share a study hall with 7th grade English teacher, Mrs. Kunz.  I overheard her talking to her students about the spelling list and how tough it was.  I checked it out and found that the students were right, it was tough.  But, I told them, I could do a Words of Wisdom and use all of the 21 words.  Here goes.

I don’t know if Mrs. Kunz was being malevolent or benevolent in assigning the plethora of words.  One of the more gregarious students was making a valiant effort to read her copious notes on the project.  For another, the arduous task of memorizing was monotonous, perilous and of dubious value.

Two students were actually in a vicious argument t, the one more loquacious than the other.  Another student made a colossal error by fervently asking Mrs. Kunz to have compassion on them and let up on the incessant assignment of homework.  Mrs. Kunz was aghast.

Many of Mrs. Kunz’ students think she is being nefarious in giving this seemingly malicious assignment.  However, I know she is doing all her students a stupendous favor by teaching them perseverance.

Next time you wonder when you’ll use what you learn in school, think of my words today.  You can never have too gargantuan a vocabulary, not just impress your friends, but to avoid becoming truculent.  Those last two words are for extra credit.