With the temperature approaching 70 degrees this morning, I was out the door like a flash.  My wife and I took a long walk through the neighborhood and greeted many of our neighbors, at a safe distance, who had the same idea.  

As we were walking, we got to talking about Governor Cuomo’s announcement that schools would remain closed for the rest of the school year.  Although this was not unexpected, it lent an air of finality to the whole unreal experience of being home instead of being at school with our friends.

Then, something happened which made me smile.  On a driveway at a house along the route was a chalked invitation to join in a front-yard scavenger hunt.  Listed were 8 items that we had to find somewhere in the yard.  There was a tennis racquet up in a tree, a bird house on the porch, a baseball bat half-hidden behind another tree.  But, we just couldn’t find the white whiffle ball.  About then, the mother of the two girls who masterminded the search came out and, after we gave up, showed us the missing ball attached to a car antenna of the same color.  The girls, 9 and 13, joined us for a laugh.

Yes, there’s no school for the rest of the year.  Is that any more stressful that what we’ve already been through?  Probably not.  We all have lots of time to come up with ways to make ourselves and other people laugh.  Think of a way that is really you and go with it.