Hello, my name is Anais Salibian. I spent years searching for happiness–true love, meaningful work, close friendships. And, after many tries and failures, I achieved all that. Suddenly, last week, I turned 70! I’m surprised to find myself an old wise woman. When you’re young and trying to figure out who you are and how you fit into the world, the wisest advice is the hardest to believe: just be yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others, and don’t let them steer your course. The only way to be happy is to go into your own heart and your own gut to ask yourself, “What do I feel?” “What is true for me inside myself?” If your mind is confused, keep paying attention to your insides. Even if you hear nothing at first, keep listening because that’s where the answers lie. What do you know and not know? What do you want? What do you need? The world will try to throw answers at you that may have nothing to do with what will make you happy. It’s certainly not about what you look like, what you buy, what you can prove. The truth is, people like people who are comfortable being themselves. And when you’re comfortable with that, you know that even if everything is still a search, you are enough. If you let yourself be real to yourself, following your own heart and your own values, then you will find what you want in life.