Boredom seems to be a real enemy during this extended period of social isolation. When we’re in school, the only unstructured time is lunch. We know how long our classes last. We know who we’re going to see in the hall in between classes and everything seems to fit nicely into the pre-packaged day.

Not so much now!

Each of us is scrambling to fill our days with something that, well, fills our days. I asked my teenage grandsons what they are doing to stay busy. They said they were taking walks, running and just getting outside. But, really, they said, we’re playing video games with their friends. They both play “Fortnite,” which can apparently be played with a small group of friends or a large bunch. One of my grandsons told me he spent eight hours over the last two days.

Another social outlet which I didn’t know anything about is Netflix Party, where you can enjoy the experience of a shared movie while simultaneously having a gallery of your friends on the sidebar. Very clever.

There’s no right or wrong answer about how to fill your time. Keeping in touch with your friends in any way you can is important. The most important thing to do, in this really unusual time, is to take it a day at a time. Avoid projecting the worse and enjoy today the best way you can.