This is Red Ribbon Week in Churchville-Chili.  Red Ribbons symbolize our intention to live a drug and alcohol-free life.  If you think it doesn’t matter whether you use, take a look at the evidence to the contrary.

Most of the people I know who have become alcoholics or drug abusers started when they were 12 or 13 years old.  There is a lot of evidence that starting early on this path really does lead to longer, more severe problems, unless, of course, you overdose and become a depressing statistic.

People who make the wrong decision know what the consequences are, what the risks could be, but they do it anyway.  Why?  The number one reason is that users tend to feel bad about themselves.  They are looking for a way to feel better, even for a short time.  There’s a better way–get involved in something that gives you pleasure and makes you feel proud of yourself.  Another effective strategy is to hang around with people who don’t use alcohol or drugs.

British pop star Natasha Beddingfield wrote, “Life is a blank page. Each person holds their pen and writes their own story.“  I hope that you will write your life story fully in command of all your abilities and wonderful talents.