Have you ever felt really lost? I remember, as a boy, I visited my grandfather’s farm in southern Minnesota. The corn was tall, and I was warned not to go out into the fields; but I went anyway. I got hopelessly lost and soon I began to panic. I yelled for help. Nothing. I ran this way and that and succeeded only in getting more lost. Finally, I heard the voice of my father calling my name. I followed his voice and I was safe. Have you ever felt really lost? On a trip to France, as an adult, I took a late night walk on the back roads of Brittany. I got disoriented and could see nothing but black. Again, I felt the panic rise in me until I saw, off in the distance, a light. I headed for it, lost it again briefly, but kept going until I was safe. Have you ever felt really lost? A friend shared with me that when she was in college she took an overdose of pills. She woke up in the emergency room staring into the face of a nurse. She asked the nurse, “Haven’t you ever felt this way?” The nurse nodded slightly and said, “yes, I have.” What if there had been no voice? What if there had been no light? What if there had been no face? I am here to tell you that there is always a voice; but we must be willing to listen for it. There is always a light; but we must look in unexpected directions to see it. There is always a face; but it may belong to a stranger. We will miss our friend. She was a talented, bright, artistic spirit. We are all diminished by her loss; but realize that we are all voices, all lights and all faces for someone else. Be confident that your love and spirit can make a difference for the people that you touch. Be there for them.