One thing I especially like about middle school age is that we begin to learn how to be a friend. If we are doing it right, we learn to love, support and be there for our friends. Being a friend does not mean blindly following or supporting our friends through bad or self-destructive decisions. Being a friend does mean providing an emotional base that our friends can count on. Mr. Rogers wrote a song for his TV program which was published in the book, “The World According to Mr. Rogers.” It’s called, “It’s You I Like.” Here’s how it goes: It’s you I like, It’s not the things you wear, It’s not the way you do your hair, But it’s you I like. The way you are right now, The way deep down inside you, Not the things that hide you, Not your toys, they’re just beside you. But it’s you I like, every part of you, Your skin, your eyes, your feelings Whether old or new. I hope that you’ll remember Even when you’re feeling blue That it’s you I like, It’s you yourself, it’s you, It’s you…I…like! I hope you’ll make an effort to become a good friend to someone. It will help him or her. It will help you, and it will help all of us at Churchville-Chili Middle School.